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Furniture salon GRAND is situated in the center of Tashkent city and has been presenting furniture from foreign manufacturers for over 10 years. During the working period in the Uzbek market GRAND has gained the reputation of the supplier of qualitative and, what's of no small importance, rather inexpensive imported furniture. We do our best to make imported furniture affordable for great masses of population, and we succeed owing to long-term direct cooperation with factories-manufacturers and big volumes of our orders.

We offer our customers only qualitative and modern furniture for home and office. There are many state bodies, commercial organizations and private companies among our clients for office furniture. And home furniture from GRAND shop stands in apartments, dwelling and country houses of thousands of families in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan.

Subject to a customer's possibilities we can offer all the range of furniture. At our place you can buy all: from smart exclusive Spanish models to Polish and Chinese ones at reasonable prices. In GRAND salon there is a great variety of office furniture: from inexpensive but qualitative working places of employees to luxury cabinets of directors.

There is a wonderful opportunity to choose a kitchen, bedroom, dining-room, nursery, cabinet and soft furniture for any taste and style: classic models, modern, hi-tech, etc. The furniture from GRAND salon is distinguished with diversity of designs, colors, materials, and also with comfort, competitive price and quality guarantee.

Our specialists take all the necessary measurements and give professional advice, our experienced designer virtually places our furniture in your rooms. GRAND furniture salon assembles and delivers furniture within Tashkent city for free.

We look forward to your visiting our salon!

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